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Cyber Compliance

It’s essential for businesses to remain in compliance with the regulatory
requirements of their industry. Aksaal helps our customers meet the
requirements of the following regulations:



  • NYS DFS /23 NYCRR 500


Cyber Security

We know how seriously a data breach can affect your business. Techromatic provides solutions to keep your information safe, reduce risk, and protect your business.

We will help you create a security strategy to protect you from threats,

both internal and external.

Email: Security, Retention, and Continuity

  • Completely eliminate Spam, Phishing, and emails with malicious payloads

  • Domain-wide email retention and bottomless archiving

  • Make sure email stays up, even when your email provider goes down

  • Send secure/encrypted emails

  • Send large attachments through email

  • Avoid CEO fraud and other targeted email threats

Regulatory and Compliance

  • Federated e-discovery search and legal hold

  • 100% SLA email availability

  • 99% SLA anti-spam

  • Safe file conversion with sandboxing

  • Breach response plan

  • Avoid CEO fraud and other targeted email threats

Risk Reduction

  • Monitor the network for insider threats

  • Web content filtering to help keep employees focused on their jobs

  • Employee activity and productivity monitoring

  • Never lose an email again

Security Risk Assessments

  • Gain a true understanding of the internal and external cyber risks in your organization

  •  Easy to read reports and worksheets make it business friendly

Written Information Security Policies

  • keep all your people rowing in the same direction when it comes to knowing your firm’s Cyber Security posture

  • Cyber Security portal allows customers to keep track of policy changes and acknowledgement reports

Cyber Security awareness training

  • Train your staff on how to avoid common cyber mistakes

  • Try and trick your staff with our simulated phishing emails, and see who needs more training

  • Weekly micro training thru email will keep your people attentive to threats that can harm the company

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

  • Technical audit of your network security performed by a cyber security expert

  • Find out exactly what systems need what additional controls

  • Reduces your company’s exposure to cyber risk

Cyber Security Programs

Our Cyber Security Program will help implement the proper safeguards to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive company data , as well as train your end users on Cyber Security awareness.

  • Detailed Security Risk Assessment/Security Audit
  • Written Information Security Policies (WISP)
  • Security Documentation Portal
  • Security awareness micro-training updates on a weekly basis
  • Simulated Phishing attacks on your employee base
  • Monthly Security Awareness Newsletters
  • Security awareness training and testing to all employee