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Introducing Aksaal Business Care: 

better way to do IT

Business Care is our IT Support solution designed to give today’s businesses the power to easily master IT.

Aksaal Business Care addresses a range of IT needs, including computer maintenance, and technical support for problem-solving and project management.

Helpdesk & End-User Support

Get a lifeline from our help desk and solve problems right away, before they become headaches. Give your team the confidence of knowing the help they need is always there for them.

  • Email and phone access to enterprise-class IT technicians thru our helpdesk ticket system

  • Support for most IT solutions, including products and services from Apple, Google,  and Microsoft

  • Onsite and offsite support available

Systems Management

Increase employee uptime and efficiency by ensuring all your computers are up to date, freshly maintained, and free of viruses and malware. Eliminate costly IT support fees due to sloppy systems.

  • Install security updates and bug fixes

  • Performs ongoing computer maintenance

  • Reduces software crashes and errors

  • Keeps system performance at optimum levels

  • Provides asset management tracking

  • Managed Antivirus ensures all systems have up to date anti-malware software

  • Managed Backup.  We’ll worry about your backup so you don’t have to